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Is it right to campaign to close archives?

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Is it right to Boycott Archives?

5th October 2015.  Rather unsettling stuff from the Guardian.  It is one thing to call on universities to disinvest from oil companies, it is quite another to call on them to refuse to hold the archives of oil companies.  The Guardian reports on a campaign to remove BP archive from Warwick university.  See



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Contemporary British History Seminar at King’s College London

For those of you live in London, the Institute of Contemporary British History at KCL (and which, despite any similarities in its name, is in no way related to this blog) have posted their schedule for 2016/16.  These are open (although fundamentally academic) events.   The schedule can be found at

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TV and Radio Listings Saturday 3rd October to Friday 9th October 2015

thatcher i hard hat

Highlight of the week is undoubtedly Radio 4’s book to the week – the second volume of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher.  While Moore is generally sympathetic to Thatcher and her politics, the first volume contained new material and genuinely new insights.  The book itself is out on Tuesday.  Elsewhere we have John Lennon, indie music, historic paedophilia, St. Ives and more.

Details of all progammes can be found on the TV and Radio page.

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