TV and Radio Listings Saturday 31st October to Friday 6th November 2015


This week’s high-point , if that is the right word, is Dominic Sandbrook’s four parter on British culture.  Just why the BBC has entrusted a large slice of its contemporary history output to his is a mystery to me.  It is not so much that he has become a pretty unpleasant right-wing columnist on the Daily Mail, but that his history is very poor indeed riddled with facile analyses and unsubstantiated political opinions asserted as if evidence-based conclusion.  Let Us Entertain You starts on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC2 which has at its heart the one-sided assertion that British culture remains in the thrall of the tropes established in Victorian Britain and that the modernism, the sixties and the avant garde had lasting impact.

Details of all programmes can be found on the TV and Radio page.

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