book reviews


Beyond Our Ken?

A review of Ken Livingstone, Being Red: A Politics for the Future (London: Pluto/Left Book Club, 2016)



Skinning the Tiger Claw by Claw

A review of Anthony B. Atkinson, Inequality: What can be done? (Harvard: Harvard University Press, 2015)



UKIP – Suited Not Booted.

A review of Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin, Revolt on the Right: Explaining the Support for the Radical Right in Britain (Abingdon: Routledge, 2014)




More than Jam tomorrow

A review of Caitriona Beaumont, Housewives and Citizens: Domesticity and the Women’s Movement in England, 1928-1964 (Manchester: MUP, 2013)


Coming up for air or going down for the third time?

A review of Robert Colls, George Orwell: English Rebel (Oxford: OUP, 2013)


The Spook the Poet.

James Smith, British Writers and MI5 Surveillance 1930-1960 (Cambridge: CUP, 2013)


Archives, spies and the end of Empire

Calder Walton, Empire of Secrets: British Intelligence, the Cold War and the Twilight of Empire, (London: Harper Press, 2013).  (Paperback edition published 2014)

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